Why does the phone remind to charge when the battery is 20%?


Nowadays, everyone's demand for mobile phones is increasing. Leisure, office, and daily communication are all inseparable from it. Therefore, the battery life of mobile phones has become particularly important.

I am the "Intelligent Electric Man" to open your smart fast charging era


The charger has become a part of our life. Whether it is charging your mobile phone or a mobile power supply, "it" is indispensable. Let me introduce a foldable dual USB fast charger to you.

Mobile phone charging precautions, let's take a look with smart phones


Mobile phone charging precautions, let's take a look with Zhidian Technology. If you want to keep your phone in a better state of battery maintenance without worrying about battery life failures, then you must know the following things.

What is the difference between power adapter and charger in structure and principle


It is widely used in the power supply of portable telephone, portable portable electronic game machine and portable portable electronic equipment, such as power supply adapter, portable telephone and portable walkie talkie.

Power adapter detection method


Sampling inspection is a widely used inspection method in current production. In the mass production process of electronic products, it is impossible and there is not much time for full inspection. Usually, several samples can be taken from the product to be inspected for inspection, that is, sampling inspection.

A little common sense of the power adapter!


Contact Special Network has encountered several discussions about power supply voltage, power supply power, and whether the power supply and load are matched or not in the past year. Originally this was a common sense problem, but later I found that many friends discussed it, so I will say a few words here.

24v power adapter centrifugal rotor


A laboratory centrifuge can usually be equipped with multiple rotors with different capacities.

Adapter adaptation mode


In computer programming, the adapter pattern (sometimes called wrapper style or wrapper) adapts the interface of a class to what users expect. An adaptation allows classes that usually cannot work together because of incompatible interfaces to work together by wrapping the class's own interface in an existing class.

Reasons and solutions for the power adapter not connected to the load and no voltage


If the power adapter is not connected to the load, the measured voltage drops from 12 volts to 1 volt or no voltage, indicating that the power adapter is caused by component damage, and the fault is generally caused by components such as rectifier diodes and filter capacitors.