Mobile phone charging precautions, let's take a look with smart phones


Mobile phone charging precautions, let's take a look with Zhidian Technology. If you want to keep your phone in a better state of battery maintenance without worrying about battery life failures, then you must know the following things.

Mobile phone charging precautions, let's take a look with Hua Ye

1. Avoid charging for a long time. One is that it is easy to age the battery and the charger, and the other is that the battery may overheat and cause some unnecessary accidents.

2. Do not mix chargers. When traveling, many people will choose chargers for convenience, and even use those chargers that are too tight or too loose because of insufficient mobile phone power, which poses a great safety hazard.

3. Do not use inferior batteries or chargers, and should use original products. Under normal circumstances, if the battery or charger is aging, it will be more expensive to buy the original one, but the safety factor is much higher.

4. Don't put the charging mobile phone on the bed or place too close to the person to charge. It is a bad habit for many people to put the mobile phone on the bed. This bad habit is very likely to cause casualties due to leakage or overheating of the mobile phone. An undesirable habit of convenience

5. It is found that the mobile phone is very hot, and most of them will overheat before the explosion as soon as possible. Sometimes the mobile phone is kept in standby state for a long time because of playing games or business is too busy, so the mobile phone becomes very hot, and if the operation is not stopped in time, it is likely to explode together.

6. Do not use mobile phones when charging. Many couples like to cook porridge on the phone while charging. This not only poses a great safety hazard, but also exposes the human body to greater radiation. Therefore, it is not recommended to use mobile phones while charging. .