What is the difference between power adapter and charger in structure and principle


It is widely used in the power supply of portable telephone, portable portable electronic game machine and portable portable electronic equipment, such as power supply adapter, portable telephone and portable walkie talkie.
According to the output type, it can be divided into AC output type and DC output type; According to the connection mode, it can be divided into wall type and desktop type.
Working principle of power adapter
In reality, most of the power adapters we contact are switching power supply. Switching power supply refers to a power supply that controls the time ratio of switching on and off through modern electronic technology to maintain a stable output voltage. Using the principle of switching power supply, the unstable power supply is transformed into the constant voltage DC power required by the notebook computer through the conversion circuit to supply power and charge the notebook computer, which plays a certain role in protecting the circuit.
Purchasing friends who just started to contact the power adapter often mistakenly regard some small power adapters as chargers, because they are not only similar in appearance, but also similar in some parameters. What is the difference between the power adapter and the charger? Let's have a look!