I am the "Intelligent Electric Man" to open your smart fast charging era


The charger has become a part of our life. Whether it is charging your mobile phone or a mobile power supply, "it" is indispensable. Let me introduce a foldable dual USB fast charger to you.

Why is this charger fast charging? The output can reach 18W high power, witness high-speed fast charging, and support Huawei FCP fast charging protocol, the charging time is halved, and real fast charging is realized.

94V0 grade fireproof shell, resistant to high temperature of 125 degrees Celsius, not afraid of fire; not afraid of fire; using seamless welding technology, high-gloss mirror + UV process, with PC raw plastic shell, delicate hand feeling, scratch-resistant and fall-resistant, longer service life.

To say that its convenience should be the foldable pin design, which is smaller in size, does not take up space, does not scratch other objects, and is more assured when traveling.

Fully compatible with fast charging, suitable for more models

QC3.0 fast charging protocol, supports most digital mobile phone products such as Apple, IPad, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.