Why does the phone remind to charge when the battery is 20%?


Nowadays, everyone's demand for mobile phones is increasing. Leisure, office, and daily communication are all inseparable from it. Therefore, the battery life of mobile phones has become particularly important.
The low-battery alert sound is particularly "piercing". I believe many friends have such questions: why should the battery be reminded to charge when the battery reaches 20%? Let's find out with you today.
The 20% power reminder is similar to a self-protection mechanism of the battery, telling you to charge the battery in time, which can effectively prolong the battery life.
If the battery power is lower than 20% and continue to be used, the chemical activity of the battery may decrease and the battery life will be shortened.
Continuing to use the phone when the power of the phone is lower than 10% or 5% may cause the battery to be over-discharged, the internal voltage of the battery is too low, and the phone cannot be turned on or charged.